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    This Father's Day, we're giving away four gift sets, each based on a Dad personality and jam-packed with personalised goodies!

    If you want to treat dad to something special, this competition is for you.

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    Win one of four personalised Father's Day gift sets

    Commuter Dad

    This gorgeous gift set features some of our favourite monochrome designs, each one subtly personal and created specially for Dad.

    For busy Dads rushing from home to work, we've created this thoughtful 'Commuter Dad' personalised Father's Day gift set, including bag, travel mug and coaster.

    We created this gift set with busy families in mind, and we want to infuse each item with the love and care that will make them well-used on a daily basis. We want to help you make Dad feel special, whether he's at home, work, the shops, or somewhere in between.

    Our heavy duty tote bag is a great way for Dad to carry his bits and pieces to and from work, or fold into a briefcase for extra storage should he need it. It can be personalised with a name and three subtle hashtags that you'd use to describe him, eg #taxidriver #banker #peacekeeper

    Our No. 1 Daddy travel mug will help him to enjoy his commute a little more, with his favourite drink tucked away inside.

    And our 'Daddy's To Do List' coaster is perfect for Dad to keep on his desk at work. Personalise it with three things he needs to do, like "Always try to be home on time". Make it cheeky and sweet!

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    Defining Dad

    Our 'defining dad' set is the perfect way for children to convey how special their daddy is, and makes a lovely personaliased Father's Day gift.

    Our very special gift set for Daddy or Dad includes a collection of three personalised practical presents: a mug, a coaster and a notepad.

    The personalised dictionary definition mug is one of our bestsellers, and allows you to define Dad on your own terms! Let us know who he's Dad to, what makes him special, and what makes him, him. A great mug for him to use every day.

    Our love you lots coaster is the perfect ally for the mug, and this time you can share the things you love, but not quite as much as him! Make it funny, share the things he knows you love, and then he'll know just how much he means!

    And our speech bubble notepad allows Dad to define himself! He can scribble down notes in the 'Dad says' speech bubble. It might be instructions ("Dad says BE QUIET!") or something lovely ("Dad says, I love you xxx").

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    Sporting Dad

    For sports fans, we've created this thoughtful 'Sporting Dad' personalised Father's Day gift set, including gusset bag, water bottle and planner.

    This coordinating gift set allows you to choose from our range of sporting icons to create a fun sports "logo" that's unique to his sporting activities! For example, you can choose a running shoe, a bike wheel, a golf ball and a tennis ball if they're all things he loves.

    Our heavy duty tote bag is a great way for Dad to carry his gym kit around and features your choice of sporting logo and your choice of wording.

    Our sports water bottle is perfect for making sure he's replenished and hydrated when he's at the gym or training. Personalise it with your choice of sporting logo and wording.

    And our weekly gym planner will keep him on track with his training, or simply make sure he's on top of footie practice and tennis matches. A fantastic A5 planner with the days of the week listed, plus your choice of wording at the top.

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    Down With The Kids Dad

    For the coolest dads, we've created this thoughtful 'Down With The Kids' personalised Father's Day gift set, including bag, mug and notepad.

    Full of colour and fun, this gift set allows you to indulge his love of hastags or favourite phrases, and brings your child's drawings to life on our luxury tote bag.

    Our heavy duty tote bag is a great way for Dad to carry his bits and pieces to and from work, or to take to the shop. With this gift set, our luxury bags are personalised with your child's drawing, which is a uniquely personal design that kids love getting involved with!

    Our colourful hashtag Daddy mug features your choice of three hashtags, which can be little sayings he's always using, and can be as sentimental or as hilarious as you like. It'll soon become his favourite for his morning cuppa.

    And we've also included a colourful hashtag notepad, which can be different to the mug. This lovely notepad is great for his desk or to have in the kitchen to note down his important reminders, whether they're dad duties or work tasks.

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    Four lucky winners will win their choice of gift set and entering couldn't be easier.

    Simply pop over to our competition page, and enter with your choice of social media account or email address. Entries close on 8th June, and winners will be announced on 9th June.


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