• For the love of: our new packaging

    Here at XOXO Stationery, you won't be surprised to hear that we're big fans of paper goods, and that includes gorgeous packaging. We tend to collect lovely things we buy and of course we're always checking out Pinterest for lovely packaging inspiration.

    It goes without saying that all our XOXO orders have exciting packaging too, and we recently had a bit of an update especially for our new range of water bottles and travel mugs.

    All our products are sent out with "gift ready" packaging, which means that they're ready to give as a gift. Our notepads have ribbon-tied paper pockets, with a space on the outside to write to and from. The beauty of the ribbon tie is that you can untie and check the notepad before you give it away. But you don't ruin any of the presentation by checking it! All you do is re-tie the ribbon, and hey presto!

    Our travel mugs, water bottles and mugs are a trickier prospect, because they don't fit into a nice little paper pocket. We've spent ages sourcing our lovely boxes, but we wanted to keep the wow factor and gift-readiness we use for the notepads.

    So we came up with these lovely gift labels. We pop them into the box so that you can still open it and check it before you give your gift, but after it's checked, you can pop the label on with a little message at the top.

    This design is for our mugs:

    Pop the kettle on XOXO packaging

    We're so excited that the stickers can now go out with all our mug orders! And our water bottles and travel mugs have their own gorgeous stickers and boxes too. Perfect!

    And of course, if you want us to send directly to the recipient, we can write a message on the sticker on your behalf. Easy peasy gifting!

    Maggie xoxo


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