• How to find a reason to smile every day

    Life has its ups and downs, that's for sure. There are hiccups and changes and grumpy moods. There are rainy days, blah days, and days when everything seems stacked against you.

    But wherever you are, whatever's going on, the things that you can control are your own thoughts, your own perceptions, and your own attitude.

    How to find a reason to smile

    It's not always easy, but finding a reason to smile - or at least a reason to hope a smile may be possible down the road - is an important step to feeling better, happier and more resilient.

    Here are our tips and suggestions for finding a reason to smile every single day:

    • Start with the basics. Did you get out of bed today? High five! Did the sun still rise? Things are going to be okay. Are you breathing? Winner!
    • Watch a go-to film or video. Dogs, cats, comedies, TED talks - the internet is full of belly laughs and inspiration. Or choose a favourite old show. (Friends re-run, anyone?)
    • Go for a walk. Being outdoors, even if it's dark, overcast or raining, can shift a mood and make you feel like you did something good for yourself.
    • Notice your favourite things. Sometimes we overlook the lovely cup of tea we make ourselves, or a favourite photo or picture on the wall. Take a moment to really let the goodness in and bring a smile to your face.
    • Give yourself a break. We can be extra hard on ourselves. If you're in a rut of self-blame or critical talk, try putting your negative thoughts on hold for an hour. Just an hour.
    • Recall a lovely memory. That time your sister made you laugh, or that day you got happy news. Even memories that are a little bittersweet can still give you a little corner of a smile.
    • Think of how you want things to be - how they're going to be. Sometimes, looking ahead to better times is the best way to keep us smiling. Dream that dream. Start feeling the happiness you will feel in the future that you're creating.

    What's making you smile today?

  • Three Small Gifts For Friends

    Where would we be without our friends?

    Whether it's their birthday, or a thank you, or even a mood booster, I love to send little gifts in the post to make sure friends know they're thought of often.

    Here are a few of my recent favourites:

    1. Neom's Energy Burst Eau de Parfum

    I'm a huge fan of Neom and their mood-boosting range of candles, aromatherapy kits and perfumes! This spritz has been a game-changer for me, and is a lovely light scent to keep energy high. Perfect for friends who need something to keep them uplifted.

    Three Small Gifts For Friends

    2. Letterbox Flowers from Bloom & Wild

    Fresh flowers bring so much joy, and Bloom & Wild's collection means there's always something seasonal and lovely ready to send to a friend. Plus, they fit right through the letterbox, so they're extra easy to send in the post!

    3. Positive Sticky Notes by XOXO Gifts

    A relatively recent addition to the XOXO collection, I created a little trio of positive sticky notes to encourage gratitude and positivity on any given day. Perfect for over-worked friends, or those who need pick-me-ups on their desk.

    Token Gifts for Friends

    Let's spread some good stuff among the people we love the most!

  • Introducing XOXO Gifts!

    You may have noticed that we've changed from XOXO Stationery to XOXO Gifts. It's all part of marking some exciting changes here at HQ! Our range has been expanding beyond notepads and stationery (though we're still #stationeryaddicts), and includes more mugs, coasters, water bottles, travel mugs, storage tins, bags and more. We thought we'd better make things really clear!
    I've been running XOXO for several years now, starting out in wedding stationery and evolving into notepads and planners, so it feels really good to mark the start of 2017 with a new name to reflect all this good stuff.
    We hope you'll love our new gifts and collections! And we regularly work with customers on large and bespoke orders, so if there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • Our top tips for going back to school

    A new school year is upon us, and whether you're supporting your kids in a new school year, or just enjoying the fresh feeling of September, we have some brilliant organisational tips for you!

    1. Get everyone's schedule written out somewhere visible.

    This one's especially good for busy families with older children on their own schedule. But it's just as helpful for couples or individuals to get a handle on the new routine.

    Write out the weekly activities (football practice, music lessons, yoga etc). Add in homework time, gym time or relaxation time. Then make sure there's space to add in irregular activities.

    Our weekly family calendar can help:

    Family weekly calendar for organisation

    2. Invest in fun and practical stationery

    Maybe you need stationery to help with studying, or perhaps just to manage the shopping lists. It's a great time of year to indulge in notebooks, pens, list pads, sticky notes and more.

    Our sticky notes are a great way to keep things simple and share reminders with yourself or the whole family.

    And Magnetic Notes will stick literally anywhere! Perfect for teenagers who need reminders about everything, or creating a movable schedule on wall.

    3. Make sure you have a handy book bag

    Autumn is synonymous with reading and libraries, isn't it? Curling up with a cup of something delicious and a good book - there's nothing like it. It's a great time to get to know your local library, or have a little literary splurge on some page-turners.

    We've got just the bag:

    What are your favourite back to school traditions? I'd love to hear!

    Wishing you a lovely, cosy, delicious September.

    Maggie xoxo

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